• Our Mission
    “Success for Every One. The Responsibility is Yours and Mine.”

    Our Vision (Established 2018)
    "A Community of Learners, Leaders, and Innovators"


    • Compassion
    • Responsibility
    • Equity
    • Collaboration
    • Excellence
    • Learning
  • The Casa Grande Elementary School District is comprised of 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 online learning academy (CGOLA), 1 C-STEM school (COIL),  and 1 early childhood learning center (ECLC) serving approximately 6,400 students. With approximately 900 employees, the Casa Grande Elementary School District is presently the second-largest school district in Pinal County and is one of the largest employers in the county.  The annual operating budget is over $50 million.

    We have been supported in our community by local tax payers, having passed a Bond election in 2016 to support the construction of a replacement K-8 school, the purchase of many new buses, and security upgrades to all other schools that are being completed this summer. We also had a 10% Override election that passed during the Fall of 2018. Our boundaries encompass over 400 square miles, and lie within the municipal boundaries of the cities of Casa Grande, Maricopa, and Eloy. Our District also lies within the growth boundaries of the City of Coolidge.


    Hours of Operation
    Monday–Thursday, closed Friday

    District Office - 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    Elementary School, bell 7:40 AM - 3:00 PM
    *Ironwood Elementary, bell 8:10 AM - 3:30 PM
    Middle School, bell - 8:40 AM - 4:15 PM
    *COIL, bell 7:10 AM - 2:15 PM

Vision, Strategy, & Brand

  • In March of 2018, our District put out an open invitation for staff and community members to come together in an effort to re-establish our District’s vision, strategy, and brand. We started a process called ReVISION, and prominent members of our community participated in several facilitated conversations about our vision and purpose; understanding that this will unify our work and provide clarity, inspiration, and alignment for everything we do.

    We asked our community to ‘dream big’, and to let us know the best they would want for our schools 10 years from now. We had many amazing responses indicating our community wants our schools to be:

    • leaders in innovation;
    • A+ schools of excellence;
    • places where students are in charge of their learning; and
    • drivers of excellence and change.

    They also indicated they want our district to be:

    • a place with robust resources and compensation;
    • considered the best place to work and learn; and
    • an award winning district where teachers line up for future employment.

    Finally, our community told us they want our students to be exceptional communicators, problem solvers, good neighbors, and ready members of our future workforce. 

    In over a year and a half, our community went through a process of developing a new Vision statement that encompassed the sentiments heard throughout the meetings, re-committed to our existing Mission, and re-designed our logo and brand to portray an image that more closely aligned with our new direction and purpose.

    We also redefined our Core Values, and this summer, the Learning Leadership Team operationalized the values so there would be no mistake about what they mean to our workplace culture and what we want for our learners.


  • Finally, CGESD and CGUHSD have the unique opportunity to collaborate and provide a seamless set of learning opportunities for our students in grades PK-12. There is an enthusiasm, desire, and plan for increasing the articulation between the two districts, and having alignment between our strategic plans might be the bridge that brings the districts together substantively. Follow this link to view the CGUHSD Strategic Plan about how they are embedding their strategy for improvement, and there are many parallels to be drawn.



    President Blanca Varela
    President Pro Tem Jerry Stabley
    Adelphia Sisson
    Michael Cruz
    Lorenza "Dindy" Martinez



    Dr. Adam Leckie, Superintendent
    Robert Quinones, Assistant Superintendent
    Stacy Howell, Director of Human Resources
    Jennifer McClintic, Director of Student Services
    Carrie Carstens, Assistant Director of Student Services
    Jan Draper, Director of Teaching & Learning
    Stacy Gray, Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning
    Cassandra Goldberg, Director of Early Childhood Learning
    Lisa Bradshaw, Director of Digital Learning & Strategy
    Van Ornelas, Director of Communications & Partnerships
    Timothy Mace, Director of Facilities
    Darla Johnson, Director of Transportation Services
    Alysia Ruelas, Director of Nutrition Services
    Dennis York, Director of Purchasing, Contracts & Warehouse Services




    Cactus Middle School 
    Rebecca Romo, Principal
    Peter Quinn, Assistant Principal
    Taryn Tijerina, Assistant Principal

    Casa Grande Middle School
    Samantha Sarnowski, Principal
    Matthew Flora, Assistant Principal
    Aundre Bell, Assistant Principal

    Cholla Elementary School
    Marcy McCue, Principal
    Mattie Bellt, Assistant Principal

    Cottonwood Elementary School
    David Owen, Principal
    Joseph Kapugia, Assistant Principal

    Early Childhood Learning Center 
    Cassie Golldberg, Director

    Desert Willow Elementary School
    Melissa Davey, Principal
    Jeffrey Groh, TOA

    Scott Raymond, Principal
    Kim Franco, Dean of Students

    Ironwood Elementary School
    Robin Rosales, Principal
    Micaela Jimenez, Dean of Students

    McCartney Ranch Elementary School
    Jessica Quiñones, Principal
    Brooke Sachak, Dean of Students

    Mesquite Elementary School
    Celie Downey-Foye, Principal
    Guadalupe Rodriguez, Dean of Students

    Palo Verde Elementary School
    Carol Wrightson, Principal
    Jennifer Grafius, Assistant Principal

    Saguaro Elementary School
    Mandy Curry, Principal
    Sarah Taylor, Dean of Students

    Villago Middle School
    Stephanie Sander, Principal
    Kylah Seabrooks, Assistant Principal
    Robert Drennen, Assistant Principal