DudeSolutions Helpdesk (Tech Work Orders)

  • Submit a Technology Services Work Order Request


    Click on the link above and log in.  Then navigate to the “IT Request” tab to create a new work order.  Please follow the instructions below to create a new IT request.

    • If you have not created an account, click on the DudeSolutions Helpdesk Requester Guide link to the left.
    • Read the message at the top of the work order request each time you log in, prior to submitting a new work order.  As we have outages or district-wide issues, we will post information there.
    • To view the status of existing work orders, log in and navigate to the “My Requests” tab.

    If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Technology Services Helpdesk at ext. 3419

New IT Request Instructions

    • Fill in your information, if not already filled in for you.  If you are filling out the request for another staff member, please fill out the "On Behalf of" information if available.
    • Location Information
      • Location- Select from drop-down
      • Building- Select from drop-down (ex. Classroom, office)
      • Room Number- Provide Room Number or describe which cubicle/office
    • Enter a Due Date, if the work needs to be completed by a specific date. 
    • Select the Problem Type based on the information in the table below.
    • Describe your problem or request.
      • Please include the staff member’s full name who is experiencing the problem if it is not yourself.
      • If the problem involves a phone, please include the extension.  
      • If the problem involves a laptop in a cart, please indicate the laptop number.
      • If the item has an asset tag, please include the asset tag number.
    • Attachment (Optional)
      • Less than 3 MB each. 
      • For documents to be added to the website, please keep in mind the following:
        • We cannot post any copyrighted material on the website
        • If the entire document is to be posted, please provide a PDF of the final copy
        • All pictures must have alt text
        • Pictures should be high quality.  Grainy or blurry pictures will not be added to the website.  Make sure to check Directory Information for all students whose names or pictures are to appear.
    • Once complete, press Submit.  You will receive an email copy of your request.
Problem Type Description Examples
Student Information/PowerSchool Problems related to PowerSchool, Destiny, ATI-Galileo or DIBELS Can't log in, Locked out
Accounts Problems related to network account or Office365 account Network password, Can't log into computer, Password for Office365 reset
Telephone Services Problems related to VOIP system, including phones, voicemail, XMedius Fax or district cell phones. Phone not working, PA not working, Can't reset bell schedule, Time clock not connected, Need voicemail password reset
Computer Services Problems related to hardware- desktop computers, laptops, iPads, VDI, Starboards. Computer won't turn on, Malware/Ransomware, Hard Drive failure, Broken keys on keyboard, Mouse not working, Monitor problems, Problem with Windows, CD/DVD problem
Equipment Moving Equipment needs to be moved from one location to another. *Will be routed for approval from the requestor's supervisor and the Technology Services Administrator. Computer moved from one location to another, Tech tub move from one classroom to another
Employee Services (TALENT ACQUISITION AND EMPLOYEE SERVICES OFFICE USE ONLY) Staff New Hires, Transfers, and Separations
Software Application Problems related to software installations, updates, or problems running software. *Software install requests will be routed for approval to the Technology Services Administrator- appropriate licensing is required. Need software installed, Software not updating
Document Cameras Problems related to document cameras. Ladibug not focusing, Ladibug not showing on the projector
Network Connectivity Problems related to network and internet services, including Internet connection, Wi-Fi connection, or site restriction. Computer is not connecting to the Internet, Wi-Fi network will not connect
Printers Problems related to printing PrinterLogic not working, Printer does not print, Paper jam, Printer does not print correctly, No assigned printer
Projector Problems related to projectors Red lights flashing on projector, Image is too dim to see, Projector lamp does not turn on
District Communication (website, social media, SchoolMessenger) Updates, additions, and revisions to the District or school web pages, including problems with accounts, or issues accessing or using teacher webpage (Ex- CGESD.org, Villago, Desert Willow) Problems with District social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter) Problems related to SchoolMessenger Communicate Add pictures, events, or news to the school webpage/social media. Unlock accounts, Access to teacher webpage, Attendance calls
Miscellaneous/Questions Any question or concern which is not addressed in the above problem types
Email Problems related to email account Email not being sent/received, Personal folders not accessible
PA System ​Problems related to PA System, bells, or PA system clock Announcements not being heard in an area, Bell not ringing, PA system clock off by 5 minutes