• The Casa Grande Elementary School District offers quality educational programming, innovative instructional practices, and follows a standards-directed curriculum based upon the Arizona State standards. The Teaching and Learning division emphasizes Quality Curriculum, Instructional Materials Support, and Assessment.

  • Quality Curriculum: Casa Grande Elementary School District strives to offer our students a challenging academic program as well as opportunities for the development of social and leadership skills. Our curriculum is designed to align with the Arizona Academic Standards through grade level specific curriculum maps. The curriculum maps ensure a consistent implementation of the curriculum across all of Casa Grande Elementary District Schools as well as supporting teachers in their instructional planning, lesson development, assessment, and use of core materials.   

    Exceptional Curriculum: At Casa Grande Elementary School District, we are committed to providing our students with a robust academic program coupled with ample opportunities for social and leadership growth. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to adhere to the Arizona Academic Standards, employing grade-level specific curriculum maps. These maps serve as a blueprint for consistent curriculum delivery across all schools within the Casa Grande Elementary District. They also aid our educators in effective instructional planning, lesson development, assessment practices, and utilization of core materials.

    Assessment: Assessment: In Casa Grande Elementary School District, our assessments are thoughtfully aligned to accurately gauge student progress. We evaluate significant learning targets through a diverse range of assessment methods, encompassing teacher-created assessments, district-established benchmark examinations, and state-required evaluations such as AASA (Arizona’s Academic Standards Assessment), AzSCI (Arizona’s Science Test), and AZELLA (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment). The Teaching and Learning office manages many of these assessments and equips teachers and administrators with high-quality data analysis tools.