• Title I-A Improving Basic Programs Operated by LEA’s

    Our Title I project continues to be the largest federal program for the school district. Each school must establish its own needs assessment, goals and objectives, and budget for the year. All of our elementary and middle schools participate in the program and are school-wide in format. This program provides supplemental reading and math services to students. This program also funds a math and literacy coach that is split between two schools.  Their primary responsibility is coaching and professional development.  Middle Schools also have coaches who provide coaching and professional development.  Schools may provide instruction to students in the classroom and during out of school programs. Additionally, a parent liaison assists all schools in providing special parental involvement projects. This grant supports summer school for those students needing additional academic intervention.

    Title II-A Improving Teacher Quality

    This program provides funds for teacher recruitment and staff development activities to ensure that all teachers are “Title I Qualified.”   

    Title III Language Instruction for Limited English Proficient & Immigrant Students

    The purpose of the Title III grant is to ensure that limited English proficient students develop their English language skills in order to meet the same academic content and achievement standards that other children are expected to meet. These funds provide for language instruction educational programs designed to help students achieve these standards.