• Welcome to the Casa Grande Elementary School District Financial Services Department.

    If you have a question for payroll, please email payroll at payroll@cgesd.org or call (520) 876-3221.

    If you are a vendor and would like to submit an invoice for payment, please remit invoice to ap@cgesd.org or (520) 876-3217.

    If you have questions about money owed to the district, please email ar@cgesd.org or call (520) 876-3265.

    If you have questions about reimbursement for employee travel, please email travel@cgesd.org or call (520) 876-3265.

Joseph León

  •  Joseph Leon


    Business Officer

Name Job Title Phone # Email
Joseph León Business Officer (520) 876-3214 joseph.leon@cgesd.org
Aaron Whittle Finance Officer (520) 876-3215 aaron.whittle@cgesd.org
Tammy Orr Bookkeeper (520) 876-3205 tammy.orr@cgesd.org
Alicia Pelaez Accounting Specialist (520) 876-3265 alicia.pelaez@cgesd.org
Kathy Pascual Student Data Specialist kathy.pascual@cgesd.org
Angie Sanchez Office Assistant - Student Records angie.sanchez@cgesd.org