• If you are interested in being considered for substitute (teacher, nurse, para-educator, custodian, nutrition services, etc.) positions, please visit www.educationalservicesinc.com & proceed to the application web page of Educational Services Inc.   Educational Services Inc. is a staffed employment opportunity in partnership with Casa Grande Elementary School District (CGESD).  All positions will be performed within the CGESD, but  Educational Services Inc. is the employer of record.

    Substitute Support Staff work in the following capacities:

    • Education Specialist - Art & Design
    • Cafe Assistant 
    • Clerical
    • Education Specialist - Technology
    • Crossing Guard
    • Custodian
    • Early Education Assistant
    • Education Assistant - Alternative Placement Setting
    • Educational Assistant - Crossing Guard
    • Educational Specialist - Library Media
    • Educational Assistant - Special Education
    • Educational Assistant - KinderPlus
    • Health Technician
    • School Nurse
    • Education Specialist - Inclusive Education
    • Transportation Assistant
    • Van Driver

    For further information concerning job requirements and responsibilities, please contact our Substitute Coordinator at (520) 876-3222.