Substitute Application


    Thank you for your interest in the Casa Grande Elementary School District!   Providing quality Guest Teachers and Substitute Staff for our students is among our top priorities.

    SubSource by Educational Services, Inc. (ESI) is a program designed to connect school districts
    with substitute teaching professionals and staff. ESI has a passion for education, helping
    people, and making a positive impact in our District and throughout the state. 
    The District developed a community partnership with ESI to provide support and resources for
    substitutes and guest teachers who play a vital role in delivering quality education and
    ensuring student success. 
    Founded by three educators in 1999, ESI is the founder and leader of the return-to-work/phased
    retirement program in Arizona, and the largest provider of substitute teacher services in the
    ESI’s SubSource program offers many benefits for school districts and employees who serve as
    substitutes in ESI client districts. This partnership also provides districts with an efficient tool to
    assist during legislative mandates and tight budget constraints. 
    ESI’s solutions help districts save time and minimize HR costs while providing substitute
    teaching professionals with employee benefits and resources. 
    Interested in joining our partnership with ESI as a substitute?
    You may submit an application for substitute employment through the link below.
    When you have completed all application requirements, ESI will notify the District of your

  • You will be required to provide the following documentation during your application on-boarding:

    • Arizona IVP fingerprint clearance card
    • Valid Arizona Teacher Certificate or Substitute Certificate (if applicable for the
    • Proof of immunity to rubeola (measles) and rubella (German measles), or proof of
      MMR immunization if born after January 1, 1957, or may waive during the
      onboarding process
    • Employment eligibility documents for E-Verify

    As part of the onboarding process, ESI will also run a background check on new applicants.
    Questions on the application process? 

    ESI is happy to assist! Contact ESI at 480-719-3271 or