Interest Based Bargaining Committee

  • The IBBC process is a problem solving model based on open and honest dialogue.  Classified, certified, and administration representatives from around the District meet to discuss terms and conditions of employment that affect all staff members.  The process involves clearly identifying and describing a challenge or issue, defining interests, and brainstorming options for resolution.  Options are then considered based on identified interests and standards.  Finally, the group seeks consensus on an option for resolution and recommends action. 
Representative District Location
JoEtta Gonzales Superintendent, District Office
Tom Wohlleber Chief Financial Officer, District Office - Administrator
Robert Quinones Director of Leadership & Engagement, District Office - Administrator
Melinda McMorrow CGMS Representative - Certificated
Heather Rice Desert Willow Representative - Certificated
Lisa Flores Cactus Representative - Certificated
Rhonda Kesterson McCartney Ranch Representative
Abbey Armijo Cholla Elementary - Representative
Diana Avalos Evergreen Elementary - Representative
Cassandra Goldberg District Office - Certificated
Cassondra Teigen Nutrition Services - Classified
Consuelo Correa Villago - Certificated
Jason Foye IT
Jessica Renteria Saguaro - Certificated
Leslie Kramer Cottonwood - Certificated
Sarah Pyle Mesquite - Certificated
Sharon Decker ECLC - Classified
Toni Meza Transportation - Classified
Patricia Luna Ironwood - Classified