• TELL is a universal, Tier 1, whole-class curriculum designed to improve school readiness in oral language, pre-reading, and pre-writing. TELL includes art, fine and gross motor, and music activities. TELL provides developmentally appropriate integrations of math, science, and social-emotional teaching objectives and curricula. TELL was developed with preschool special education teachers, administrators, and speech-language pathologists from 18 different Phoenix area school districts. TELL is evidence-based and aligns with the Arizona Early Learning Standards, The Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework, and formative assessment systems (e.g., Teaching Strategies Gold). 

    To review the proposed curriculum, please click this link https://login.cpe.asu.edu/

    Username/Login: outreach@cgesd.org
    Password: CGESD2023

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    The materials will be available for public comment for 60 days. Posted May 17, 2023