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    CDC Transmission Rate

    Levels of community transmission defined as total new cases per 100,000 persons in the past 7 days

    (low, 0-9; moderate, 10-49; substantial, 50-99; high, ≥100) and

    percentage of positive tests in the past 7 days (low, <5%; moderate, 5-7.9%; substantial, 8-9.9%; high, ≥10%).


  • COVID-19 Picture

    The purpose of this data is to provide our CGESD families and staff with a summary of COVID-19 related data. Outlined below, you will see Pinal County Benchmarks, District Rating, and confirmed cases by school and department. Pinal County Data is updated on a weekly basis and the CGESD case data is updated daily. Should you have any questions related to this data, please contact Tina Walker at tina.walker@cgesd.org

CGESD COVID-19 Benchmark Data

Date Overall Benchmark Rating
6-July Orange
11-July Red
18-July Red
24-July Red
1-Aug Red
7-Aug Red
14-Aug Red
21-Aug Red
28-Aug Red
4-Sept Red
11-Sept Dark Red

Current Active Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

School or Department COVID +
Cactus Middle School 4
Casa Grande Middle School 7
Cholla Elementary 0
Cottonwood Elementary 2
Desert Willow Elementary 0
Evergreen Elementary 0
Ironwood Elementary 0
McCartney Ranch Elementary 0
Mesquite Elementary 11
Palo Verde Elementary 1
Saguaro Elementary 1
Villago Middle School 0
Administrative Services 0
Facility Services 0
Information Technology 0
Nutrition Services 0
Transportation Services 0
District Office (DO, SLP, OT, PSYC, IS) 0