• Motto: We're on the Journey to Success!

    Mission: At Desert Willow, we are united in our dedication to strive for nothing less than our PERSONAL BEST.
    Inspire life-long learning.
    Create a positive, diverse and safe learning community.
    Nurture community, parent and school-wide collaborations.
    Develop the social and academic skills of all students.

About Us

  • At Desert Willow, we are on the journey to become successful leaders! Approximately 600 students are served in our school from kindergarten through fifth grade. The staff of Desert Willow is committed to providing a quality educational program to each child that walks through our doors. Students, staff, and parents work in a partnership to provide an academically and socially enriching atmosphere at Desert Willow.

    We take pride in promoting the Leader In Me - 7 habits! Visit our FaceBook page at https://bit.ly/310TJIv for details on the 7 habits. We reinforce the the habits daily, to help build our students into future leaders. Our goal is that all students are learning - not just the curriculum, but learning how to be citizens, learning how to make a positive contribution to society, learning how to solve problems, and learning how to be respectful of themselves and others.