• Student Council serves as an opportunity for our students to make a difference in our school and our community.


    This group promotes student involvement and academic achievement.  Student council positions are open to fourth and fifth-grade students.  Students may run for the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.  Students are given two weeks to campaign.  On the final campaign day, candidates present speeches to the fourth and fifth-grade population, who are then able to vote for which candidates they feel are best suited to each position.  Students campaigning learn the values of public speaking, being a role model, and school pride.

    Students who are not elected to a position have the opportunity to join one of several committees overseen by the student council.  The publicity committee helps make posters for school-sponsored events and go to classrooms to make special announcements.  The fundraising committee helps with student council fundraising projects.  Pizza night, for example, is a student council sponsored fundraiser.  The birthday committee makes cards for staff birthdays.  The special events committee performs tasks as needed for different events that come to our school.