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Mesquite Elementary's Recycling Club Makes Generous Donations and Impressive Recycling Efforts

Mesquite Elementary's Recycling Club, a dedicated group of environmentally conscious students and volunteers, has recently made significant contributions to various local organizations and achieved remarkable success in their recycling endeavors. The club's efforts have not only benefited the environment but also made a positive impact on the community.

Demonstrating their commitment to helping those in need, the Recycling Club donated a total of $11,000 to several deserving organizations. The Casa Grande Food Bank received a generous sum of $5,000, while Seeds of Hope and Laundry Love each received $2,000. The Valley Humane Society and Pinal County Animal Control were also recipients of $1,000 each, contributing to the welfare of animals in the area.

In addition to their charitable endeavors, the Recycling Club has shown exceptional dedication to recycling. Their impressive recycling statistics reveal their tremendous impact on reducing waste. To date, the club has recycled a staggering 18,830 pounds of #1 plastic, earning $2,971.00. They have also collected 6,495 pounds of aluminum, resulting in $4,014.20, and 3,094 pounds of metal, generating $193.51 in funds. Their recycling efforts have raised an impressive $7,178.71 for the year, averaging 78.5 pounds per day.

The success of the Recycling Club would not be possible without the support and assistance of numerous volunteers. The club extends its gratitude to Bryan Beaderstadt, Rob Dahlrimple, Elizabeth Elgin, Joey and Jim Fjerstad, Sue and Randy Hytjan, Marlene McHaney, Cathie and Jim Philipson, Cathleen and Phil Rafferty, and Ruth Rice. These individuals have generously dedicated their time and energy to help the club in its endeavors.

The club also acknowledges the valuable contributions of Cathie, Jim, and Robin, who work at Palm Creek during the Fall and Winter months, and Ruth, Rob, Cathleen, and Phil, who assist during the summer. Furthermore, the Recycling Club has received assistance from Vista Grande High School students belonging to both the Key Club and National Honor Society. Their involvement, alongside their sponsors Mia Khan and Luis Hernandez, has been instrumental in supporting the club's activities during the spring.