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Supplemental Material Review

Supplemental Materials being considered for adoption are currently available on the District Website at These materials are available for review to the public beginning: September 3, 2021, through December 12, 2021.

The supplemental program, Reading Like a Historian was recommended to better align with History Skills and Process Standards and to promote more inquiry type tasks and lessons in Social Studies. This would be excellent as a supplemental item to our curriculum.  Specific Social Studies standards that the supplemental resources address are 6-8.SP.1-4.  This is but a small amount of the Social Studies standards that this supplemental can support.  One lesson can support as many as 16 different Social Studies Standards. This program can be reviewed online at  

CommonLit is a resource that can be used to supplement our ELA curriculum with paired texts, informational text, and literature.  It has readings based on content/grade level standards, annotation tools, and built-in questions that directly assess ELA standards.  This program can be reviewed online at  

Actively Learn offers curriculum units, genres, themes, news, and articles aligned to AZ ELA content standards.  They also offer paired fiction/nonfiction texts with Depth of Knowledge questions at levels 2-3 that are aligned to standards.  This program can be reviewed online at  

iCivics is a supplemental curriculum that teachers can use for resources about US government and civic issues that are required through Middle School Social Studies standards.  The site has lesson plans, student learning materials, supplemental readings, and interactive games that are aligned to standards. The primary focus is equitable, nonpartisan civic education.  This program can be reviewed online at  

S.P.I.R.E. employs all the elements of Structured Literacy—phonology, sound-symbol association, syllables, morphology, syntax, and semantics—incorporating research-proven best practices for reading and language development.  It is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach and provides a multi-sensory experience that reaches learners where they are.  This program offers both teacher-led lessons and digital experiences. It has been shown to grow students with processing issues such as Dyslexia. You can review SPIRE online at  

The Community Review form is available on the district website at Parent/Community Review Form  It is a google form that can be completed online and will be reviewed by the Office of Teaching and Learning.