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Curriculum Adoption - Public Feedback Wanted

April 6, 2021 

Press Release 

Core Instructional Materials for middle school Computer Science instruction being considered for adoption are currently available to view at the links below. 

The middle school Computer Science instructional program - CodeHS, is a comprehensive teaching platform for helping schools teach computer science that provides a web-based curriculum, teacher tools and resources, and professional development. The mission of CodeHS is to empower all students to meaningfully impact the future.

At CodeHS, they believe that in the 21st century, coding is a foundational skill, just like reading and writing. That’s why they say: Read, Write, Code. They do this by providing a great curriculum, tools, and resources to teachers, students, and schools to implement high-quality computer science programs. They believe that everyone should get the chance to learn coding and that it’s a skill that provides limitless creative opportunity to students. They want to help make computer science education fun and accessible, and believe students need both great tools as well as a great community to make this happen. CodeHS does this through their support for teachers, students and schools, with the help of their dedicated team and amazing tutors.

CGESD feels confident that the proposed instructional programs will keep our students excited about learning Computer Science for years to come. And with these resources being primarily online, they have the advantage of being updated and augmented regularly without additional purchases. Feel free to explore the attached links to learn more about the program.  

Review feedback can be given using the Feedback Form. Public feedback will be open and considered from April 6, 2021 - June 4, 2021.