• What is the difference between Distance Learning and the CGESD Online Learning Academy?
    Students will receive instruction in the same manner whether they are participating in online or distance learning.  However, when our buildings reopen, students in the online academy will continue to learn using online instruction for the entire school year and will not return to the building. Students in distance learning will return to our buildings in the manner we have deemed safe based on recommendations at the time.

    Who will be the teacher?
    All students will be assigned to CGESD teachers.   Students at Evergreen will have Evergreen teachers, students at CGMS will have CGMS teachers, etc.  Students in the online academy will be assigned a teacher that is a CGESD Online Learning Academy teacher.   Students who receive special education services will receive support from their assigned school case manager.  Students in the CGESD Online Learning Academy will be assigned a special education teacher from CGESD and it possibly won’t be the same case manager from their home school site.

    How do I let the school know if my child will be participating in Distance Learning?
    This is not necessary.  If your child is currently enrolled at one of our schools, we plan on your child participating in distance learning with that school site.  The school will be reaching out to families to schedule a family conference with you.

    How do I enroll my child in the CGESD Online Learning Academy?
    An online transfer form will be sent out to families on Friday, July 17.  Any family wishing to transfer a student to the online academy will need to fill out the online transfer form, one for each child.  It is not first come, first serve- all current CGESD students are eligible to transfer. We ask that parents complete the form no later than Tuesday, July 28 so we can plan for meeting the needs of all students enrolling in the CGESD Online Learning Academy.

    What if I change my mind?
    For continuity of learning, we encourage families to have students engage in the same program for the full year. However, if you decide at this time to keep your child enrolled at their school site then when we reopen schools you are more comfortable keeping them home learning online, you will be able to transfer your child to the online academy at that time.

    If you choose to transfer your child to the CGESD Online Learning Academy now and decide when we reopen school buildings you would like your child to attend in-person, you may transfer your child back to their home school.

    What are Family Conferences?
    Family Conferences will be held on August 3-14 and will be scheduled individually with families and each child’s teacher.  The purpose of the conference is for the teacher to get to know the student, the support available to the student, and the unique needs of the student and family so we can best meet the needs of your child.  These will primarily be held virtually in order to have face to face conversations in a manner that is safe for both the teacher and the family.  Depending on circumstances, we understand that some family conferences may need to be held by phone.  Each school site will be reaching out to their families in order to schedule these conferences.

    What is Material & Device Checkout?
    Each school site will host a Material & Device Checkout.  This is similar to the registration process you may have participated in for middle school or high school students in the past.  We ask that all families attend with the minimum number of people as possible.  You may attend one time to pick up all materials and devices for your family at each school site.  At this checkout, we will need you to fill out annual registration forms, opt-in or out of the Device Protection Plan, pick up learning materials and devices (if needed), and practice logging into the device.  We will ask all that enter our campuses to use hand sanitizer upon entering a building, wear face coverings, maintain physical distance of at least 6ft from other families whenever possible, and to call the office to reschedule if you are feeling ill.

    My child does not have a device or only has a phone.  How do we check out a device?
    Each school will set up dates and times for material and device checkout and will communicate this information to their community.  Devices will be available for checkout for those students that do not have a device available at home.  All K-1 students will have an iPad checked out to them.  All 2-8 grade students that need a device will have a Chromebook checked out to them.

    What is the Device Protection Plan?
    The Device Protection Plan is a way for you to pay one low cost to protect against the full cost of damage or loss of the device, charger, and case you are checking out.  The cost of the Device Protection Plan is $25 per device.  Enrollment in the Device Protection Plan needs to occur within 10 business days of checking out the device.  It is optional but highly encouraged.  Additional information is coming soon.

    What if I don’t have internet access at home?
    We are working to set up hotspots in the community.  We will have a custom map on our district website (currently a work in progress) that identifies free locations in the city that our families can utilize to connect to the internet.  In addition, we will provide information to families on low-cost internet options for their homes.  We have been working with both internet providers and the City of Casa Grande on a longer term solution.  Additionally, we have been working with our local faith-based community to provide a location or two within the community that has free wifi and room for physical distancing so students may learn in a safe, cool space with supervision.

    How much time will my child be expected to learn online each day?
    Students will have lessons and activities both online and offline.  We do not expect students to be online for the entire amount of time they were in school each day nor during those exact times of the day.  We have set guidelines for schools based on grade levels in order to ensure we are meeting the developmental needs of our students and the screen time appropriate for their age.

    How do I report if my child is sick or cannot attend school? 
    In the same manner you have in the past.  Please call the school office prior to or the day of absence to excuse your child’s absence.  We are unable to excuse your child’s absence if it is reported after your child returns to learning.  Please note that during distance or online learning, if your student is able to complete learning activities that day, the child is present.


    What if my child has an appointment and misses part of the day?
    We understand that there may be occasions when students have appointments or may need to miss part of the day. Please be in contact with your child’s teacher if s/he needs assistance with the learning for the time missed.

    What Tech Support will be available for families?
    Troubleshooting tips and videos will be available to families.  Teachers will be the first point of contact for students experiencing difficulties with their devices or programs.  If the teacher is unable to troubleshoot the issues the family is experiencing, each school site will have a minimum of 2 dedicated Tech Support Liaisons the teacher will then contact to further support the family.

    What childcare options might be available for families that don’t have another option?
    We have been working with our local Boys & Girls Club and faith-based community to extend childcare opportunities to families with no other option. Please look for additional information to come out within the next several weeks.

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