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    October 19, 2020

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

    We are thrilled to have our students and staff returning to the classrooms for in-person teaching and learning. While we know this has been long awaited, we also know that it will not come without challenges as our students have been out of their classrooms for approximately seven months. However, I am confident that we have a staff who is well-equipped and committed to working through the unique needs that have emerged during these unprecedented times.

    While we know that the best teaching and learning happens inside the classroom, we also know that it only happens when everyone can participate safely. With that said, I want to take a moment to remind you that we do have contingency plans in the event we need to return to distance learning to maintain and support public health.

    As we look across the nation, and even locally across our state, we have some examples that may inform our decisions moving forward. While we hope to remain in-person, please be advised that we may need to implement some various levels of quarantine or closure, all of which will result in a return to distance learning for the students and staff impacted. Some of these scenarios may include:

    • Modifications to Hybrid/Flexible Learning Models
    • Short Term Partial Building Closures/Group Quarantines (i.e. individual classes, grade levels, or building areas)
    • Short Term Whole Building Closures
    • Long Term Whole Building Closures

    Any instances requiring a change, may need to occur within tight timeframes leaving only a small window for notifications. We realize this could present a challenge for our families but we will work to communicate swiftly and efficiently. Schools would also communicate any plans for students and families to retrieve their devices so they may continue distance learning. If you are not already connected through school communications, please contact your school office to get signed up for email and phone call notifications. Additionally, please ensure that all of your contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) are up to date. Finally, we encourage you to check our CGESD website (www.cgesd.org) and follow our social media pages.

    Please note that any decisions we make will be informed by our CGESD leadership team and governing board along with any local, state, and/or federal mandates. We will continue to closely monitor the metrics and recommendations for the sake of student and staff safety and health. As always, we appreciate your support as partners in education. I encourage you to be a positive advocate for your children by staying connected with your school teams through open, productive two-way communication.

    Yours in health and education,

    JoEtta Gonzales, Ed.D