• Welcome to Mock Trial!! Mock Trial is an advanced class for those students who want to excel in public speaking and debating. In Mock Trial, students learn about the United States court system and develop analytical skills by taking roles of practicing attorneys in prosecuting and defending both criminal and civil cases.  Furthermore, as witnesses, students will develop performance and public speaking skills.

    There are minimum requirements that must be met to retain membership in Mock Trial.  This course is taught at an advanced level and will require homework.  To retain membership in this class, students must maintain a grade of C or above in Mock Trial and in all other classes.  Any student who does not maintain a C average in all classes could be placed on probation and removed from Mock Trial.  I check grades for each student for each progress report period to ensure they are eligible. Students must be able to speak publicly as we start practicing performances at the beginning of the year.


    An important part of this class is the competitions/performances that take place.  Students will have the opportunity to compete in the annual Pinal County Mock Trial Competition held in March.  To prepare for this, students will have the opportunity to compete in several competitions with the other middle schools in our district.  In addition, students will form class teams and compete against each other in informal events. 

    There are behavior guidelines for students in Mock Trial. These students must represent the school in outside events in a positive manner. Because students must work in teams for this class and represent our school in the community, there are strict guidelines for behavior.  Any student in Mock Trial who earns 2 or more After School Detentions will be removed from the class.  In addition, any student who earns an In-School Suspension or an off-site suspension will be removed from the class.

    You are expected to follow the Villago Middle School Code of Conduct


    Dress Code:
    We ask that students dress according to the role they are performing for each competition.   We ask that attorneys wear professional dress clothing.  Boys would wear dress slacks, ties, and jackets if available.  Girls would wear dresses, skirts/blouses, or dress pants/blouses.  Dress shoes for boys and girls are necessary.

    ** Under the tab "Useful Links", you will find the PowerPoint slides we are currently using in class as well as any worksheets you have misplaced or did not receive**