Instructions for Staff:

  • The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires schools to gather consent from parents/guardians for student use of third-party online websites and apps.    It is important to note that teachers cannot create accounts for students on web-based sites and apps unless specific consent has been provided via this form.  This must be an opt-in process.  The goal of COPPA is to protect students’ online identity and information.  As a result, parents and guardians must specifically provide consent.  The COPPA form we have created provides permission for all district-approved sites.

    Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, a CGESD COPPA Compliance Consent Form must be filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian annually prior to accounts being created for students under 13 years of age by the school or teachers for any websites or web-based apps not managed by the district.  The CGESD COPPA Consent Form is not required for websites or apps in which students do not log in to utilize the website or web-based app.  However, a student needs a signed Acceptable Use Agreement on file in order to use district-owned technology and the Internet.  There is a place in PowerSchool the information regarding COPPA Consent and the Acceptable Use Agreement once the forms are returned. 

    The COPPA form provides permission for all district-approved sites at the start of each school year.  However, we recognize that staff often find websites and apps with educational value they would like to begin using with students after the start of the school year.  Any websites or web-based apps not on the district-approved list must be approved by the Director of Digital Learning and Strategy prior to their use.*  For the approval of websites or web-based apps not on the list, the following procedures must be followed:

    1. Complete and submit a request form linked here. You must be logged in with your CGESD Google account.
    2. Website or app reviewed for COPPA and FERPA compliance by the Director of Digital Learning & Strategy.
    3. Requestor and supervisor notified of approval or denial of the request.  
    4. The teacher sends additional notice home to parents.  A sample letter can be found below.
    5. After parental consent is received, accounts can be created and the teacher and students can begin using the site.

    *For COPPA Compliance, District approval and verifiable parental consent is needed only if accounts are created for students within a web-based site or app.  An app is considered web-based if it requires an Internet connection to work.