Additional Voluntary Benefits

  • Dependent Health Insurance
    The employee pays $640.75 per month (2019-2020 school year) to provide medical, vision, life, and dental benefits
    for dependents...spouse and/or dependent children up to the age of 26. Premiums are withheld via payroll
    deduction and may be paid either pre or post-tax.
    There is a $300 deductible per person, per calendar year for in-network doctors up to a maximum of $900 per year
    per family; the plan pays 80% for all allowable services once the deductible has been met. Plan pays 100% after $10,000
    total expenses incurred per person (plus deductible). Dependent Prescription coverage has a $50 deductible per
    person per calendar year up to a maximum of $150 per family resulting in a total maximum annual out-of-pocket
    cost for the employee of $2,300.
    Deductible increases to $350 per year if out-of-network providers used; employee pays for all services not
    allowable by the plan and the employee will pay a significantly higher portion of cost when out of network doctors
    are used. In addition, a higher annual out of pocket could be incurred. See the plan document for additional
    A $100.00 additional fee is charged for each use of the emergency room without being admitted.

    Dependent Dental Insurance
    An employee on the district’s health insurance plan may add dependents to dental insurance only. The employee
    pays $28.23 per month for dependent dental coverage…spouse and/or dependent children up to age 26.
    $50 deductible with a maximum of $1,000 coverage each calendar year per person. The plan covers two routine
    cleanings per year with no deductible. Once the deductible has been met, the plan pays 80% for basic and routine
    services; 50% for major services. See the plan contract for details.

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    Allows district employees the opportunity to designate funds via pre-tax (Federal, state, and Social Security) payroll
    deductions for out-of-pocket dependent daycare expenses and medical costs not covered by insurance. Examples
    of covered items are insurance deductibles, co-pays, and certain over-the-counter medications if accompanied by a
    prescription. Taking advantage of this plan may result in substantial tax savings. A convenient pre-paid
    “Benny” card is used for most transactions. A reimbursement form is also available on the District’s website.

    Voluntary Life/AD&D Insurance
    Additional life/AD&D insurance may be purchased up to a maximum of the lesser of 5 times your salary or
    $500,000; spouse coverage may be purchased up to $250,000; and children may be covered up
    to $10,000. New employees may purchase up to a guaranteed maximum of $150,000; spouse guaranteed
    a maximum of $30,000 without evidence of insurability if purchased within 31 days of eligibility.

    Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)
    District and employee each contribute a percentage of the salary as a means of saving for retirement and to cover the
    costs for long-term disability insurance. Additional information is available on the ASRS website:

    Employees may purchase a supplemental policy to provide assistance with costs associated with personal
    accidents, sickness, cancer, and/or specified health events/intensive care. For more information, contact the
    District’s AFLAC representative Julie Kicker at 602-799-8022.

    Tax Sheltered Annuities – 403 (b) and 457 (b)
    Located on the District’s web site. The site provides a brief explanation of the provisions, policies, and rules that govern
    the 403(b) and 457 (b) Plans. The site also provides names, phone numbers, and email addresses of district approved
    vendors, downloadable forms, links; and answers frequently-asked questions about these tax-deferred savings