• We firmly believe that ALL children have something to gain from early childhood experiences. 

    We hope that the experiences gained in our preschool programs continue to prepare your child for their school-aged years.

About Us

  • The ECLC creates a diverse learning environment where young children are engaged in stimulating age-appropriate activities so that they can grow to their fullest potential as they prepare for their kindergarten experience. Children should experience the enjoyment of learning in a developmentally appropriate, play-based classroom environment.  We teach our children to be accepting of themselves and others.

    Our language-based, developmental approach to learning provides hands-on experiences to meet the needs of all preschoolers. The preschool experience will promote the goals of the Arizona Academic Early Learning Standards at the readiness level.

Staff Job Title Email
Lisa Dempsey Director Of Early Childhood Learning Lisa.Dempsey@cgesd.org
Shannon Hamlein Administrative Assistant Shannon.Hamlein@cgesd.org